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Local Search Optimization

70% of US Households Use the Internet When Shopping Locally for Products and Services.

– The Kelsey Group

If someone asked, “Do you have a website?”
How would you like to answer, “Just Google “best [your industry] in [your area]… we’re at the top.”

Of all the benefits of the Internet, none have been as useful to consumers as the ability to look up local businesses on online maps. Google, Yahoo and Bing have poured countless resources into enhancing the local search experience making search engines far and away the most used and useful tool for uncovering information about local businesses.

Despite this, only 44% of local companies have any visibility online. What’s obvious is the immense opportunity available to those ambitious business owners with the foresight to take advantage of the most powerful resource available to savy local businesses… Local Search Optimization.

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Local SEO Explained…

The days of the Yellow Pages are long gone. Local search optimization gives local businesses the ability to precisely target customers/clients within specific geographical boundaries. In order to be visible (a.k.a. rank) for particular regions, web properties (i.e. websites/blogs/videos etc.) must be optimize for particular words that identify the business with their they, city and/or neighborhood. This process works best when done for all the products and services the business offers.

What it all boils down to, is when people search for a particular industry with the city, region, town included (i.e. New York City pizza parlors) the websites that show up will be the ones best optimized.

Business Benefits of Deploying Local SEO Strategies:

  • Creates a powerful advantage over your competitors
  • Extremely trackable so you will always know how much business we are generating for you
  • Extremely economical with strong ROI
  • Extremely targeted; there’s no more qualified customer than the one searching for your services directly in your area
  • Establishes your brand in your area and engenders trust

Stay on Target Marketing has centered our business around local SEO from the beginning. We are leaders in the local SEO field, and over the years have developed proprietary systems and software that brings astonishing results for clients equating to surges in bottom-line profits that only grow stronger as time passes.

Curious About What Our One of a Kind Local SEO Strategies Could Do for Your Business?

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