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About SOTM

What We Do & What We Stand For

Stay on Target acts as your outsourced Chief Marketing Officer to help you get visible, get found, get new business and retain the customers you already have. We help you identify your challenges and opportunities, then recommend and provide solutions that we manage on your behalf to generate profitable new business for you…just as if we were your in-house marketing department.

Stay on Target Marketing – about

Nolan Ivers Owner/Director

Happy father, husband, son, brother and drummer…

Graduated from Johns Hopkins University with double major in political science and philosophy. While in school, started his marketing career working exclusively on the Internet at first. Through years of research and education, became an SEO specialist before expanding his knowledge base to overall marketing strategies focusing specifically on the local business arena.
Founded Stay on Target in 2008. It was during this same period he met his wife Kasandra and started his family which now consists of oldest son Aidan, Lincoln and Autumnn born May 20, 2012.

Why Stay on Target?

Stay on Target™ is more than just our name. It is a philosophy on life and business that we treat as our credo. We believe that in order to make a difference in this world we must have a targeted, focused goal. Too much time, money and energy are wasted on misguided ventures and ill-planned plans. In order to take advantage of this extraordinary gift of life, we feel it is necessary to consciously direct ourselves towards our goals at the exclusion on unnecessary, albeit far too common, endeavors. This same targeted focus that we employ in our lives and business is the gift we can give to others.

Our sole reason for existing was born out of the growth of what industry analysts call the Old Model-New Market Competition Crisis. This is the overwhelmingly perilous gap between locally-based business strategies and the marketplace reality they engage.
On the one side of the divide are local businesses and the preexisting ways in which they package and promote themselves, and on the other side is the modern market and its buying cycle. This division is having devastating effects on local businesses who fail to adapt and evolve, not from lack of hard work or quality of service, but from failing to recognize the Old Model-New Market Competition Crisis and to make the changes it necessitates. Those who embrace the new rules of war are flourishing despite the competitive economy, while those who do not are bleeding market share.

Conventional ideas about how to profit from a product or service have been eclipsed by a deluge of technological innovation that has radically and irrevocably evolved ALL markets…and there is no turning back. Business must choose to adapt or perish.
Stay on Target™is the tool that bridges this divide so that local businesses can thrive by first adjusting to the New Reality, then harnessing it to take their business to the heights dreamed about when it was first launched.

The linchpin of this marketplace metamorphosis is the exponentially increasing prevalence, accessibility and usability of The Internet. The goal of the internet, to provide instantaneous access and organization to the information of the world, is becoming a reality. In the not-too-distant future the Internet will be the ONLY medium EVERYone uses to get information on ANYthing. This is an inevitability that must be accepted if any business has any desire to grow in 2010 and beyond.
A primary use of the internet is finding what local businesses provide, who provides them, and how they compare with their competitors. This is essential information in the buying cycle benchmarks consumers go through